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Health in Motion Episode 4

This month the OATA and CATA collaborated with Lumino Health on one episode of the podcast. In this episode to talk about what the platform is and how it works for both the practitioner and patient.

About Lumino Health

Sun Life launched this remarkable national digital health network in 2018, free to all Canadians. The launch was done with well-known and admired Canadian women’s hockey legend, Hayley Wickenheiser. The focus is on empowering health care consumers to live informed healthy lives. The basic concept is: Take charge of your health!!


The online network provides access to local and virtual health-care providers, relevant health and wellness content and the latest health innovations. There are over 150,000 health professionals on the network letting people find and book appointments with registered health care providers and are available to them locally. In August 2020, Sun Life added Lumino Health Centre to its EHB plan holders. ATs, welcome to Sun Life Lumino and the future of digitally-accessible health care.

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