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Health in Motion Episode 5

This month, the Health in Motion OATA Podcast features an interview with Paul Papoutsakis and Heather Ogden to talk about the behind the scenes work for the principal dancer. From warm up, to treatments, to self care (physical and mental) and non-dancing training.

About Heather Ogden and Paul  Papoutsakis

About Paul Papoutsakis: Paul is the National Ballet of Canada’s Company Athletic Therapist, where he is a part of a larger wellness team of varied medical professionals. He is the only wellness professional that is onsite full-time, making him a go-to contact for the dancers. He provides all orthopedic assessments, manual treatments and rehabilitative conditioning programs for the dancers. He is a member of Dance USA's Task Force on Dancer Health, where he assists in the collection of data on professional dancers to assess injury rates and make suggestions on how to enhance professional dancer training.  

About Heather Ogden: Heather Ogden was born in Toronto and trained at the Richmond Academy of Dance in British Columbia before joining The National Ballet of Canada in 1998. She was promoted to Principal Dancer in 2005. She has danced lead roles in ballets by James Kudelka including the title role in Cinderella, Summer in The Four Seasons and Hélène in An Italian Straw Hat.

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Photo Credits: National Ballet of Canada

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