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Health in Motion Episode 7

In this Episode of Health in Motion, Jen Mark sits down with Jennifer Johnson to discuss occupational health and how Athletic Therapists fall in this field. More specifically Jennifer Johnson goes into what an industrial athlete is, what care is needed and how much Athletic Therapy is needed in this industry. 

About Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer, a Certified Athletic Therapist, has both her Honors Degree in Physical Education and Honors Diploma in Sports Injury Management. Jennifer founded the S.M.A.R.T Clinic in 2003 which resides in Mississauga. She has since worked with various professional and amateur athletes, sports teams and manufacturing companies in and around the GTA.


Her clinic is one of the very few clinics in Ontario that specialize in the industrial athlete. The industrial athlete might not be familiar to many, Jennifer describes it as someone who does a physical job with a specific skill set that’s repetitive and that requires training. Today Jennifer operates manages the multiple onsite industrial clinics as well as treating patients at her private clinic. 

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