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Health in Motion Episode 10

In Mark sits down with Amy Oliver who specializes in leadership and entrepreneur training for healthcare professionals such as Athletic Therapists. Her online training programs help healthcare practitioners grow their careers and their business through learning how to execute strategy while gaining management and leadership skills. She offers two training series over 10 weeks. Her special focus on women entrepreneurs may be of interest to women ATs. That program is designed specifically to help participants navigate the issues and required strategies to achieve gender equity at the individual, organizational and societal levels. 

About Amy Oliver 

Amy Oliver is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur and business owner. She has advised and coached over 150 business owners and teams to drive high performance within the health and social services segment. Amy holds an MBA with a dual concentration in Organizational Leadership and Health Administration. She is a licensed pharmacist, a Certified Leadership Coach, and a globally certified Project Management Professional. Amy also holds certificates in Emotional Intelligence and Advanced Strategic Management and Leadership.

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