Board of Directors

The OATA Board functions as a team dedicated to advancing the profession and serving Members’ needs. Over the past couple of years, we have updated the Association’s By-Laws and Governance structure and have created committees and working groups to focus on key priorities: regulation and scope of practice, branding, positioning and improved digitally-based communications, along with building a platform for evidence-based practice to secure additional third party insurance coverage for AT and to provide proof of the profession's competencies and efficacy.

Our goal is to have contact with the Membership beyond registration and administrative activities, engaging with Members at the annual conference and AGM and various events scheduled in each of the Six Districts throughout the province. Members are encouraged to read the REACH quarterly newsletter, the quick up-date e-news called SPRINT and action requests that are issued only on matters of direct concern and benefit to the goals stated.

We are here to serve YOU: Members and the Public seeking the professional services of our competent, sports medicine rehabilitation specialists: Athletic Therapists.


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