Over the past couple of years, we have pursued key priorities: regulation and scope of practice; refreshed AT branding and positioning;  improved digitally-based communications; along with building a platform for evidence-based practice to secure additional third party insurance coverage for AT and to provide proof of the profession's competencies and efficacy. 

​Our goal is to have contact with the Membership beyond registration and administrative activities, engaging with Members using new tools and platforms acquired and adapted during the pandemic.  The new Directors recently welcomed post-covid-delayed AMM 2020 will be reaching out to Members throughout the province. Members let us know that they prefer quick eblasts, as well as audio-visual and digital communication to the previous REACH quarterly newsletter and previous e-news called SPRINT.  This has resulted in the Association launching a YouTube channel, podcasts and more digital offerings planned to meet that Member preference.​

We are here to serve YOU: Members and the Public seeking the professional services of our competent, sports medicine rehabilitation specialists: Athletic Therapists.

Business Meeting

Board of Directors

The OATA Board functions as a team dedicated to advancing the profession and to serving Members’ needs. The Board is pleased to be re-emerging after the pandemic lockdowns of almost three years (2020 through to lifting final restrictions in Spring 2022) and coronavirus restrictions that required us to cancel the annual Summit and our in-person events that are so important to building and maintaining the AT community spirit and strength. 


The pandemic also forced cancellation and rescheduling of the certification exam three times making that annual welcoming of newly-certified a challenge. The exam, like our events, resurfaced in virtual formats. Registration renewal for 2022 , for the first time in OATA history, started in October 2021 and was extended to June 1, 2022. We have all coped. 

During the pandemic, the Ontario government finally proclaimed the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA). As of October 19, 2021, ONCA is in force.  The Act provides not-for-profit corporations with a three-year transition period from the date ONCA came into force to make any necessary changes to their governing documents. The OATA is beginning that major governance transition at the same time the Board is transitioning with succession and stability serving as priorities as departing Directors mentor and support the next generation of leadership as the Association prepares for the leadership changes coming.

OATA Board Structure, Executive Roles & Director Portfolios 2021-2022

TEAM 2.png


  • New Directors Welcomed Post-AMM

  • Orientation and Transition Begun

  • Mentoring Underway

  • Mandates and Tasks Being Accepted

  • Video Messages Being Recorded


Thanks for your understanding as the New Board Transition Continues. Member Communication and Updates Coming to YOU Shortly.