Virtual Care: Athletic Therapists who practice virtually and the best platforms and practices 

Jan 13 2021


Health in Motion

This podcast will provide Ontarians with a new source of information on health and wellness topics from the perspective and the experience of Athletic Therapists. We treat a wide range of injuries and our practices focus on getting you back to what you love! Whether it's professional or high-performance sport, recreational activities, or moving around the garden, we have you covered.

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Pictured is ClinicMaster a Platform Used for Virtual Care

In this episode of Health in Motion Jen Mark sat down with Matt Leech and Max Di Paola to talk about the benefits of Virtual Care for clients and how clients can use Virtual Care platforms to get the care that they need for recovery. 

Jen: Hi everyone, it is Jen Mark with Health in Motion with the Ontario Athletic Therapy Association. Today, we are talking to Max Di Paola.


Jen: Hi Max. Hi, everyone. We are talking today about embracing virtual care. If you have a back issue, you have your knee pain and you want to get back to your sport. You want to get back to being active and doing the things that you love to do even during a lockdown. How can we embrace online treatment sessions?


Jen: So Max right now why is using virtual care so essential?


Max: Why I think right now it is obvious because of the situation that the world finds itself. Virtual care in this circumstance provides us with a unique opportunity to stay connected with those who are caring for us. Bring us to a place with less pain or no pain or less mobility to more mobility. Virtual care is natural during this time due to the pandemic.


Max: There is also the convenience side to virtual care when you are time limited or mobility limited. Virtual care is a great benefit to all of us who are looking to get assistance and may not be able to make it to the clinic.

Jen: When using virtual care can it be an effective way to treat those mobility and pain issues?

"Absolutely, I come from a unique perspective where our platforms are used for virtual care across the country, but we have seen it through those virtual care sessions a lot is exchanged. They can gauge visually what the situation is, provide education, exercise programs and nutritional advice. A lot can be accomplished in a virtual care setting".

Jen: Max you work with clinic master, now tell me how clinic master help client’s perspective and clients experience on getting ready and preparing for the session?


Max: ClinicMaster is a platform used across the country that is used for online booking, creates reminders for the client prior to the session via email or text message. It will notify the practitioner if you are in the waiting area so you can start your session. It can be chat, video, audio, share documentation, screen share and provide contents that will help you with your needs.


Max: It is a very enriching environment where you can have group sessions, or one on one sessions. Everything is private and secure where it is ultra-encrypted, and no one can hack into it making it a very confidential space for clients.

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About Jen mark

Jen Mark is a full-time Athletic Therapist and Wellness Coach at Everest Academy based in Vaughan, Ontario. She has been a personal trainer since 2004 and added athletic therapy to the resume in 2009. She has trained ironman athletes, marathon & half marathon runners, cyclists, hockey players, as well as everyday athletes. In addition, she has also treated hockey players (peewee to NHL), softball players, runners, volleyball and football players, wrestlers and rugby players and many more. Her treatment style focus on addressing the root issue and strengthening the weakness and her training programs focus on balance, activation, and proper technique.

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