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March 10, 2021


Health in Motion

This podcast will provide Ontarians with a new source of information on health and wellness topics from the perspective and the experience of Athletic Therapists. We treat a wide range of injuries and our practices focus on getting you back to what you love! Whether it's professional or high-performance sport, recreational activities, or moving around the garden; we have you covered.

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Picture from Lumino Health website displaying how accessible the website is to find practitioners 

This month, the Health in Motion OATA Podcast features an interview with SunLife Insurance Lumino Health about Canada's premier digital network. In this episode, learn about how the platform works for both the practitioner and for health care consumers.

Jen: Hi everyone. This is Jen Mark for the Ontario Athletic Therapist Association. Today we are with Matthew De Faria who is the Strategy and Growth Manager for Lumino Health. We will be talking about his leading digital database of healthcare professionals from across Canada and right here in Ontario. Welcome, Matthew. 

Matthew: Thank you. Very good to be here with you. Nice to meet you.

Jen: Tell me a little bit about how you got here and what your intentions are for Lumino Health?

Matthew: Thanks, Jen. Lumino Health is Canada's largest healthcare network. What we have done is map out its 150,000 providers across the country, 25 different specialties ranging from dentists to chiropractors, a psychologist, and now super excited to be adding this month Athletic Therapists.


Jen: That's great. Tell me a little bit about what your intention is and where do you see this going?

Matthew:  I think the goal for us at the end of the day is to help Canadians live healthier lives; that's our strategy. When you think SunLife, many folks think financial and that's certainly always been at the core, but recently we changed our mission statements to help Canadians achieve a lifetime of financial security and live healthier lives. That has become a core element where Lumino Health is leading that charge for SunLife. That being the core tenant for us, to create a platform we like to think of as the Expedia for healthcare. When you think Expedia, you think one-stop-shop for your travel needs, car rentals, hotels, flights, everything in one spot. When you think health care, we want you to start thinking Lumino Health that's where you can go to find a dentist, a physiotherapist or now an AT.

Matthew: You can go to Lumino Health to compare professionals working in your area to find the best care for you. The story of how Lumino came about is we had our patients contacting us saying, "Hey, I use SunLife benefits. Can you recommend a chiropractor for me? Can you recommend a physiotherapist to go see?"  We couldn't do that for them. But we looked at what we had available to us, where we have a wealth of data of 150 years of experience behind us. We said let us start helping out Canadians by providing them with this online directory, this list where you can see everything in one spot and instead of Googling your way through and searching for a chiropractor.  Instead of trying to find the right one for you through Google, what you can do is pull up our directory and be able to see everything right in front of you. 

Jen: That's great. I love the concept of having it like Expedia because it's true it is a one-stop-shop. And with many of our clients when we work in interdisciplinary areas or multidisciplinary trying to coordinate everybody can be a challenge. If everyone's easy to find, I know when I was looking through the Lumino website, it was so easy to read and easy to navigate, which, as we know, that's what our clients want. And what have you found people who are already using Lumino? What has their feedback been? 

"Since we launched Lumino Health back in 2018, we've had just under 10 million searches. Now we'll probably cross that over in the coming months and be able to connect Canadians with practitioners over 750,000 times. That is coming from two spots, one directly on our SunLife app and the second is through Lumino Health. When we first launched 95% of people interacting with the system were SunLife users. In the recent years, 60% of our traffic is coming from the Lumino Health site. We've done a ton of things to try to not only get folks on the website, but creating a ton of content from managing your health and anxiety, managing fitness levels, your diet, and that's done a ton to bring people to the site and help them live healthier lives."

Jen: You also have an icon on Lumino Health for virtual care. Tell me a little bit about where you see virtual care going? 


Matthew: Yes, we saw a huge spike in Virtual Care when the pandemic hit last year where we looked at it a couple of different ways. One, we said we want Canadians still to be able to use healthcare. We added a provider on our site called "on-call" that offered our practitioners to still see their patients. Some practitioners cannot do much Virtual Care such as massage therapists, but a lot of things that you still can do such as stretches. You can have that visual element to be able to help your patients out, allow them to connect virtually. If you are offering Virtual Care we want to be able to let Canadians know that, that you have that option available and that you're still seeing patients now. I think that went a long way towards giving that access to patients and practitioners. 

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About Mark De Faria

Matt is both a Strategy & Growth Manager at Sun Life and the Sales Manager for Lumino Health. He has been terrific to work with on this addition of Athletic Therapists to the national network of health care providers. Matt “gets” Athletic Therapy because of his own past work experience as a Sports Information Team Member with Sir Wilfrid Laurier University where he was responsible for collecting gameday statistics (Offence & Defence), performing post-game interviews, writing post-game articles, working with the marketing group, compiling the Golden Hawk Football Media Guide and travelling the  team for road games. Matt remains active with sports as a coach with the Mississauga majors baseball association 


Matt is a strategic, results-driven professional with 10+ years of leadership &  management experience. He is self-motivated, competitive, focused, detail-oriented and highly analytical.  He brought all those skills and attributes to the deal OATA closed with him for the AT rollout that has been extended to include the CATA and our national federation of AT organizations. Matt was pivotal to the OATA-CATA discussions and the  co-branding of this national rollout. 

About Lumino

About Jen mark

Sun Life launched this remarkable national digital health network in 2018, free to all Canadians. The launch was done with well-known and admired Canadian women’s hockey legend, Hayley Wickenheiser. The focus is on empowering health care consumers to live informed healthy lives. The basic concept is: Take charge of your health!!


The online network provides access to local and virtual health-care providers, relevant health and wellness content and the latest health innovations. There are over 150,000 health professionals on the network letting people find and book appointments with registered health care providers and are available to them locally. In August 2020, Sun Life added Lumino Health Centre to its EHB plan holders. ATs, welcome to Sun Life Lumino and the future of digitally-accessible health care.

Jen Mark is a full-time Athletic Therapist and Wellness Coach at Everest Academy based in Vaughan, Ontario. She has been a personal trainer since 2004 and added athletic therapy to the resume in 2009. She has trained ironman athletes, marathon & half marathon runners, cyclists, hockey players, as well as everyday athletes. In addition, she has also treated hockey players (peewee to NHL), softball players, runners, volleyball and football players, wrestlers and rugby players and many more. Her treatment style focus on addressing the root issue and strengthening the weakness and her training programs focus on balance, activation, and proper technique.

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