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AT Core Competences

The Athletic Therapy profession can be divided into four main ‘components’ that define the role of an Athletic Therapist in addressing the needs of an active population.

Manual Therapy Techniques & Treatment Models
  • ATs are highly skilled in applying soft tissue & joint mobilization techniques including pre and post-events massage procedures.

Concussion Assessment 
& Management
  • ATs are proficient in the recognition and management of concussions.

  • ATs are often the first healthcare professionals on the scene when an athlete sustains a concussion.

Field-of-Play Injury & Management
  • 44% of ATs in Ontario practise providing immediate on-site response to injuries.​

  • All professional Canadian teams employ at least one AT.

  • AT assess and rehabilitate injuries using evidence-based contemporary techniques.​

  • AT individualize comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

Advanced Assessment & Rehabilitation


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Athletic Therapy is a health care profession that specializes in the prevention, assessment and care of musculoskeletal disorders (muscles, bones, joints) especially as they relate to athletics and the pursuit of physical activity. ​


The provision of on-field immediate care of athletic injuries by a Certified Athletic Therapist includes: ​


  • Injury assessment.

  • Basic emergency life support.

  • Recognition and management of acute traumatic neurological dysfunction.

  • Provision of first aid.

  • Preparation for entrance into appropriate health care delivery systems.

  • Utilization of techniques facilitating a safe return to participation.

What Is Athletic Therapy?

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