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How to Register for EHB Insurers' Portal


Step 1

Look for your insurance company corporate logo. Click on it to find your individual registration profile.


Note: If your logo is not there, please contact to add you to this EHB Insurer Portal. Contact us at


Step 2

Complete the EHB Insurers’ Portal registration form under your corporate logo. The form is fillable online.


Note: Multiple members of your Claims Team can register. Each registration generates a personal passcode and log-in.


Step 3

Click to accept the terms (PIPEDA-Compliant) for use of this qualified practitioner database. Watch for the registration receipt following submission of the completed registration form then click through to the Directory.

Note: If you do not find the Ontario Athletic Therapist on the Directory please contact us at 


If you are looking to confirm the Ontario Athletic Therapist is in-good-standing status because you have an issue or complaint with their practice standards, please click to file an online complaint here.

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