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Who We Are

The Ontario Athletic Therapist Association (OATA) is the professional association that promotes the practice of Certified Athletic Therapists in the Province of Ontario. The OATA is an independently incorporated, not-for-profit organization, that is one of many regional AT organizations working with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association to advance the profession.


The OATA endeavors to ensure that its Members offer safe and effective treatment to all of their clients and patients. Continuing education programs, examination preparation courses, professional publications and participation as a member of the Sports Medicine Council of Ontario are examples of the initiatives undertaken by the OATA.


The OATA also engages in advocacy, marketing and promotion for the Athletic Therapy profession and provides Member services such as referrals, professional liability insurance and practice development.

"I encourage everybody and challenge everybody to strive towards their goals…. There will be ups and there will be downs, but just keep working towards them and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it."

Catriona Le May Doan | 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist | 5 time World Champion

Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide leadership and support to our Member Athletic Therapists in Ontario. The OATA represents the profession to the public, governments, third party insurers and other stakeholders. As an active Certified or Associate Member with the OATA, you will have access to valuable educational programs to maximize your business acumen and professional practice competencies.

Members can leverage a full professional development program that keeps them informed of educational workshops, conferences and courses. Access to resources such as: public education, marketing advice and strategies, opportunity as a student or Certified member to receive monetary awards. Online job opportunities, directory find, brochures and other materials. Networking opportunities with professional leaders, promotional campaigns, advocacy and collaborative projects which represent you to the government, health care stakeholders, the public, the media and to position Athletic Therapy in health care and sport medicine rehabilitation.


The Role of The OATA

  • Oversee the advancement, encouragement and improvement of the profession of Athletic Therapy.

  • Advance the efforts underway to achieve regulation of Athletic Therapists under the Ontario Regulated health Professions Act (RHPA) through registration with the College of Kinesiology (CKO) and achievement of an AT Specialty.

  • Raise the profile of the AT profession in field of play roles including the AT knowledge, skills and training in the treatment of concussions.

  • Develop strong relationships with National, Provincial and Community Sporting bodies.

  • Foster ongoing relationships with extended health benefits insurers, the provincial Government and other allied health care professionals.

  • Organize top-notch conferences (Annual Summits) and workshops to support the professional development of  Athletic Therapists in Ontario.

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the Athletic Therapist Association.

Become a Member

The OATA is an ideal home for any Athletic Therapist looking for a dynamic organization to help them grow as a sport medicine professional.

Welcome to Athletic Therapy Ontario.

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