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Global AT Organizations

Ontario Athletic Therapists are part of a well-established global network of professional bodies. All are dedicated to the advancement of Sport Therapists, Sport Rehabilitation Therapists, Athletic Therapists and Athletic Trainers. These professional titles are all part of the same family of sport medicine specialities in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Israel, Spain, Korea, Japan, Canada and the USA.

The AT profession was founded in 1950 in the USA with the establishment of the National Athletic Trainers' Association - NATA.  Statutory regulation and licensure has been successfully achieved in every State (except California) starting in Texas in 1971. Please click to review the history of American regulation of the AT profession.


International Organizations

Ontario Athletic Therapists are proud to be part of a global network of AT organizations engaged in advancing the profession through certification, accreditation, advocacy, research and education.  What started as a dream in 1950 by a small group of ATs who gathered in Kansas City is now a world-wide specialty within sport and exercise medicine in several countries and continents. 

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Canadian Organizations

In Canada, there are eight (8) AT professional organizations working collaboratively to be strong members of the international and the Canadian AT community.

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