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To become a Certified Athletic Therapist, an applicant must first meet the requirements of the written certification examination administered by the CATA.  


To earn the CAT (C) designation one must achieve at least 70% on the national examination. 


In order to attempt the certification examination you must be a graduate of an Athletic Therapy program at an accredited institution listed to the left of this text.  


Currently, there are TWO accredited programs in Ontario.

Career in AT

Hands-On practitioner Athletic Therapists adhere to the sports medicine model of care. Athletic Therapists treat a wide variety of patients from youth with sport injuries to weekend warriors and active seniors recovering from joint replacement surgeries.


The commitment is to "Health in Motion!!"  Athletic Therapy is a rewarding career as clients are actively engaged in injury prevention and recovery; it's all about collaborative not passive return to function.


  • Athletic Therapy is Health Care outside of Institutions Doing What Matters!

  • Working while supporting elite athletes and those dedicated to staying fit and healthy is the kind of health care focused on wellness not illness.

  • Pursue a health care profession that keeps you top of your game too.

The OATA invites you to consider a health care career as an AT.  

We are here to support you.

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